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I thoroughly enjoyed covering the Solstice Singers concert this past Sunday at the Christ Lutheran Church in Falmouth. It’s always an aural and visual pleasure attending the choral group’s performances. Thanks to the amazing low-light capabilities of my Canon 5D Mark II camera, and also knowing I could reduce “noise” in my digital darkroom, I was able to shoot to my heart’s content in the dark interior of the church.  No worries about distracting the audience with flash.

If any of my students or other photographers are wondering, all images except the first four were shot at ISO 12,500 (not a typo!) with around an f/4 aperture and 1/50 second shutter – always a balancing act between controlling noise, depth of field, and subject motion when lighting is dim. Here are a few of my favorites.

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It’s a fine day when music, photography and sunny weather on Cape Cod intersect. Yesterday we had a fun photo shoot for Solstice Singers, a Renaissance a cappella group I’ve sung with during past years.

Solstice Singer 2009

Joining the Solstice Singers are members of the ensemble Passacaglia, Vineyard Swordfish dance troupe, and Les Enfants Children’s Chorus. This image will be used to promote their December 12 and 13th concerts at the Community Hall in Woods Hole. For more info on the group and upcoming performances, visit www.solsticesingers.org.

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