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I recently shared with a friend that unlike dogs, studio portraits of cats are next to impossible.  It’s much better to sensitively shoot photographs in the comfort of their own home.  Then yesterday, as I was shooting product shots in my studio, my kitty had the last say. Mindy jumped up on my posing table and let me capture some classic  “poses” during 15 lucky seconds!  LOL!!!  (Please don’t let her know that the embarassing picture at top right is on the Internet…)


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One of the many challenges in photography is capturing an image of an all black subject. For example, black cats often appear as a Rorschach ink blot, with no detail and eyeballs flashed beyond recognition. So when Mindy walked into my life one week ago – a sweet 9 month old kitty that I found on petfinder.com and adopted from Cause for Paws – I welcomed the opportunity to create her first portraits. Mindy was ever so patient, and here’s the result from our “carpet series.” What’s your favorite?

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