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The town of Falmouth, Cape Cod has been named one of the top ten dog-friendly communities in the United States! The contest was sponsored by Dog Fancy Magazine, with results in their September 2012.

With many dog friendly amenities, it’s no wonder an increasing number of tourists come to Cape Cod with their canine friends in tow according to Stanton Terrell, publisher of Falmouthvisitor.com. Our new Falmouth Dog Park on Brick Kiln Road, their recent Pool Party complete with kiddie pools, walking paths, and shops such as Uptown Dog on Main Street are a few examples.

While most Cape Cod beaches are closed from May to September, there are a few beaches off the beaten track in Falmouth that are accessible to dogs year round. I recommend these to clients whose family beach portraits would not be complete without their beloved 4-legged furry ones.

Family Beach Portrait with 3 dogs

An added benefit:  it sure brings about real smiles and makes for an especially fun portrait session, as five cousins and their 3 pups discovered during their recent family portrait!

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Smartphone cameras have sure come a long way!  My iPhone 4S (always with me) has enabled me to capture some pretty good pictures I would otherwise have missed. But anyone with more than a mild interest in photography knows that taking WOW pictures more consistently means having a real camera, and knowing how to use it.

If you want to move off Auto mode and start taking control of exposure, depth of field, and motion, sign up for my next Basic Photography class  at the Cape Cod Conservatory in Falmouth beginning Saturday, February 4th. After 6 weeks, you will be amazed at how much more artistic control you have over tricky situations… learned in a fun and supportive environment. Take a look here for more info on my Basic and Intermediate classes.

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Romping on the beach with 4-year-old triplet boys at a North Falmouth beach was a fun challenge earlier this week. What delightful cutie pies. Not surprisingly, the boys had little interest in sitting or standing poses. But their personalities came alive whenever they were asked to hug or jump or run… especially into Mom and Dad’s arms. Thanks Krista and John for asking me to capture memories of your family’s fun times on Cape Cod!

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A favorite portrait “pose” is the beach jump… for kids of all ages!  We all had fun this morning at a large family reunion portrait session at Nobska Beach in Woods Hole. I captured close to 20 wonderful poses, with many variation of each to choose from – from the whole family of 29 to smaller family groups. I couldn’t wait to share this jumping series as Debbie, Mike and their family had a ball!  Which jump do you like best?





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Yesterday evening was our annual PPOCC (Professional Photographers of Cape Cod) cookout, this year in Eastham. A few dozen portrait photographers, some joined by their families, caught up on the latest and enjoyed a tasty raw bar of Wellfleet oysters and clams followed by a “Low Country Boil” meal expertly cooked by our member host, Ralph.

A Low Country Boil is a sort of southern variation of our traditional Cape Cod clambake. Potatoes, sausage, corn, and shrimp were progressively added to boiling water in a huge lobster pot (large enough for a small person!) along with Old Bay spice. After 32 minutes, the contents of the entire pot was strained and ceremoniously strewn along the center of 3 long tables. Yes, directly ON the paper tablecloths! We ate until we were beyond full, and then we devoured scrumptious desserts.

The cookout was followed by a bonfire and marshmallow roast on the beach as we watched a glowing orange sunset disappear over the bay. A picturesque ending to a perfect day with some of the nicest people on earth. What an honor to be a member of such a knowledgeable and supportive group.

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